Interior/Exterior Design Elements

Interior/Exterior Design Elements


Select Graphix Interior/Exterior Design Elements uses professional products

traditionally used in an office and workspace, integrating them into the home.

Designs are customized according to the owner’s flare in ways that are

current, safe, and made with superior quality.


Select Graphix recognizes that we use the best products for our office,

so why wouldn’t we do the same for our home.


Interior Designs include: anything found in the Select Graphix Gallery.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Standoffs, L.E.D. lights, Canvas Prints, Decals for the floor, wall, and windows, Patio Privacy Walls, Channel Letters,

Hanging acrylic pictures with Rods, and Cables.


Stay current with our new mediums for wall murals

Decals, Acrylics, Channel Letters, and L.E.D. Lights that are affordable and a easy new way to re-design a space.

Don’t get left behind with the plastic sofa covers.