With in-house artists, Select Graphix is able to create designs unique to each client's needs.

Brand recognition is integral to the success of a business.

Whether interior, exterior, or as print material,

S.G. ensures a design that stays true to a theme or brand while still appearing new to the eye. 


Their team of artists and creative people makes this possible,

bringing variety to the table, allowing for the client to pick the design that best suits their needs. 


Staying current with the sign and print industry keeps S.G. true to their roots; producing high quality products with quick deadlines.


If there is something you have in mind, and would like to see it brought to life, or would like to see your current image improved,  no problem!

Select Graphix can customize any design.


A strong design is the foundation to a successful marketing plan, don't trust this crucial part of the job to someone just interested in design, leave it to the professionals! 




After early dialogue, Select Graphix will help establish a direction for the project.

This ensures S.G. and the client are on the same page. 

Once a goal has been identified, Select Graphix determines which products are best suited for the project. Once determined, S.G. will offer a variety of design options while presenting the economical variables and timeline estimates required for each.

Once the products have been decided, then various steps are coordinated in order to complete the job in a timely fashion, client dependent. These steps will include any additional materials needed, and what, if any, type of installation or delivery is required.

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